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CleanLight Air
Stanley Black

CleanLight Air

I love how compact it is, I overall love the wallet. The first one I got the lever to push the cards up broke off. KeySmart was quick to replace it but something feels off with the second one’s lever too unfortunately.

Like slim fit.. good looking wallet. Very satisfied

Oliver G
Not Very "Multi-ish"

I brought this "multi-tool" to use as a convenient bottle opener. But it does not open basic beer bottles as I thought it could. It does every other things such as pry opening a box holding a wall-mounted bottle opening, measuring a bottle opening onto its proper height on a wall, and screwing the very bottle opening onto a wall. But never open a beer bottle. Thanks...

It is easy to setup and does its purpose well, it connects to find my which I like and is multipurpose. Unlike other trackers this is rechargeable which means you don’t need to buy a new one every 3 years, but just have to remember to charge it every 5 or so months

KeySmart® SmartCard
Tony Frankham

Very happy with the card and the way it fits in my wallet.

It broke in my pocket unexpectedly and I lost parts to put it back together, it was a cheap plastic thing.

Pricey but good

Love that they’re rechargeable. If they brought the price down to USD30 each they would be ideal.

Ya es la segunda que compro

Me encanta, será mi llavero siempre

KeySmart® SmartCard
Joost van de Kieft
Mildly positive

I had to wait almost two weeks for the card to arrive, which was expected. Unexpected were the extra border control costs I had to pay 🇳🇱. This was about 25% on top of the product and shipping costs. After unboxing, it it very easy to get it started. Started charging immediately on my Qi -charger and connected automatically with my iPhone, so that’s very positive. Down part: it doesn’t work properly in my Secrid cardholder, I think because of the RFID. I often get a notification I left it behind on some random location, but when I open Find My, it connects again. Something to think about when buying either the smartcard or a RFID cardholder. I’m overall happy to be able to track the latter.

Very happy with the product, it's slim and fits perfectly in my wallet.

Expansion pack
Serge Pilet

This pack is very good

I’d rate it lower if I could. It’s a pain to add keys and it can barely hold 5. After adding them they are not easy to get at. All in all, terrible design coupled with terrible execution.

Like the integration with my iPhone.

KeySmart® SmartCard
Nick Christian
Long time to receive

Nearly a month and still not received my order.

KeySmart® Rugged
Reginald Cooke

KeySmart® Rugged

At first it wasn’t quite what I thought it was going to be. For some reason I thought it was going to be a solid thing to tuck keys into which was my fault for not realizing that but I have actually grown to kind of like the product. And it hasn’t fallen apart like I thought it might.

Item arrived today. Well packaged etc. Only issue is that it only works with Apple products and not Android.

CarabinerClip 4-pack
Norman Goldstein
A Quality Product

This was exactly as advertised and work perfectly. Not difficult and are working for me! Definitely a quality product.

Belt Clip
Sturdy and Useful

The belt clip is perfect for my work setting.

Works great !

Delivery may not be the best, It took mine exactly a month to arrive in Australia but they did get here. I paid extra for DHL thinking it would be much quicker, but it definitely wasn't.
Worked seamlessly straight out of the box. So much easier being able to track my wallet without some bulky AirTag

Expansion pack
Rodrigo Fonteboa
Great item

I have no complaint

Excellent device

A great purchase for anyone who has a set of keys, whether they lose them or not. The GPS locator has saved my skin on numerous occasions, and the Sleek design keeps my car keys and house keys neatly organized and clipped to my belt loop.

The spacers/washers that separate the keys and allow them to be accessed independently, are difficult to keep in place while adding/rearranging your Keysmart. Spacing may take a few adjustments to ensure the keys do not interfere with each other.

The provided bolt was not long enough to securely accommodate my car keys, but I found that the pan-head machine bolts that come with outlets and switches fit (with the addition of a flat washer) the threaded side of the Keysmart Pro and Pro 2 perfectly.

Overall, I would recommend this product.

MagConnect™ Pro

Battery only lasts 30 days. Compared to the 4-6 months of the KeySmart Max. But, honestly I like that it’s now compatible with my other iOS devices and native apps, unlike the Max.