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KW1 AirKey (11 colors) Black: $2.98 + Add-ons: =
Organize and personalize your KeySmart with 11 colors.   AirKeys are high strength and ultra-lightweight key blanks.  These will not wear or scratch like the color painted keys we've all had frustrations with.  Like the KeySmart frame, they are hard coat anodized aluminum, which makes them scratch proof while being a fraction of the weight of standard brass keys.
+ Features
- Half the weight of standard keys

- Double the strength of standard keys

- 11 colors available to personalize and organize

- Anodized finish for long lasting color
+ Materials
Ultra strong Aluminum 7074
+ FAQs
Q: If they are aluminum, how are the strong?

A: With its unique chemical make up, AirKeys are half the weight and actually double the strength of standard keys

Q: Where can I get them cut?

A: They can be cut at any hardware store

Q: Are they painted?

A: No they are electrically anodized. This provides a durable and long lasting finish
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