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ALWAYS BE PREPARED: The KeySmart MultiTool combines 5 powerful tools into one slick gadget that fits seamlessly inside your KeySmart or on your keychain. This is the perfect portable toolbox that is great for the home or office. Quickly cut, tighten or pry on-the-go! 

  • 5 POWERFUL TOOLS: Box Cutter, Phillips Head Screwdriver, Flat Head Screwdriver, Pry Bar, Ruler
  • ALWAYS ON HAND: This lightweight tool measures 2.39in x 0.44in x 0.13in and weighs only .0171 lbs for a compact carry.
  • ATTACH TO KEYSMART OR KEYCHAIN: It includes a hole to easily attach it to your keychain, KeySmart or lanyard. 
  • GUARANTEED: If your MultiTool breaks under normal wear and tear in the first 2 years, we will replace it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Oliver G
Not Very "Multi-ish"

I brought this "multi-tool" to use as a convenient bottle opener. But it does not open basic beer bottles as I thought it could. It does every other things such as pry opening a box holding a wall-mounted bottle opening, measuring a bottle opening onto its proper height on a wall, and screwing the very bottle opening onto a wall. But never open a beer bottle. Thanks...

G.R. of G
5in1 taskbar

A small gadget musthave. The idea of a box cutter together with two screwdrivers and two measure lines (inch + mm) is truly smart and no end or side of this stable metal piece is wasted.
But therefore it takes its space in the KeySmart.
At a keyring I wouldn't use it, as the box cutter is too pointy/sharp and might harm pocket textile and or carrier.


Very good!!!!

Dewayne Dollahite
Great stuff

I use it for tightening the screws on my KeySmart because I don't carry a screwdriver with me. Unfortunately, I can't have it on the KeySmart because I need it to take it apart. However, I do hang it on the chain with the fob. It works. Not perfect, but it works.

Devindra Thakur