Saving The World From Bulky Pockets

Constantly annoyed with thigh poke, key jingle, and damaged pants, Mike set out to design a solution to the bulky key ring. After months of prototyping, testing, and redesigning, KeySmart® was born.

What is KeySmart?

Our Story


Born To KeySmart

After launching on Kickstarter in early 2013, KeySmart® was one of the most popular products ever launched. Mike quit his job to take KeySmart® on full time and has been making happy customers ever since.

Our Beginning On Kickstarter, One Of The Most Popular Products Ever Launched

Keysmart® and our

Ever Growing Catalog

Since the launch of the first KeySmart Key Holder, we've expanded our portfolio and launched many product lines.

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Smart Trackers

MagConnect & MagConnect Pro

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