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Quickly cut things on-the-go with these spring-action scissors that fit perfectly inside your KeySmart or attach to your keychain. 

  • -Retractable & Lightweight - Great to carry with you at all times so you always have scissors when you need them!
  • -Fit Inside KeySmart or On Keychain - Fold neatly inside of your KeySmart or attaches to your keychain without adding any bulk! 
  • -Durable Stainless Steel - Hold up against daily wear and tear
  • -Easy Spring-Action Cut - This unique design lets you easily cut with one hand and minimal effort!
  • -Secure Closure - The folding mechanism ensures that the blades stay securely closed inside the scissor and inside your KeySmart until you need them.
These compact NanoScissors are perfect for cutting threads, snipping tags or slicing zip ties on-the-go. They’re a necessity for busy parents, business people and any one who commutes to work! These lightweight scissors disappear inside your KeySmart and stay safely stored until the second you need them. The spring-action cutting design lets you cut with one hand and minimal effort!
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