Durable Stainless Steel | Spring-Action Cut
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  • Retractable & Lightweight - Great to carry with you at all times so you always have scissors when you need them!
  • Fit Inside KeySmart or On Keychain - Fold neatly inside of your KeySmart or attaches to your keychain without adding any bulk!
  • Durable Stainless Steel - Hold up against daily wear and tear
  • Easy Spring-Action Cut - This unique design lets you easily cut with one hand and minimal effort!
  • Secure Closure - The folding mechanism ensures that the blades stay securely closed inside the scissor and inside your KeySmart until you need them.

These compact NanoScissors are perfect for cutting threads, snipping tags or slicing zip ties on-the-go. They’re a necessity for busy parents, business people and any one who commutes to work! These lightweight scissors disappear inside your KeySmart and stay safely stored until the second you need them. The spring-action cutting design lets you cut with one hand and minimal effort!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Martin Salois
Small and practical, but only for really small tasks...

They are small. They are useful for really small job, like one cut, but don't apply any pressure or they'll snap. Mine did cutting a cuticle at the base of a nail! It was easily replaced under warranty though.


It sounds like a good idea, but it makes your KeySmart too bulky.
I sent mine back, and resorted to my mini Victorinox Classic SD. With blade, file/screw-driver, scissors, tweezers, toothpick. Which I hand off the ring next to my KeySmart. The Victorinox gives 6 functions without adding much bulk.


easy install

Harry Heilmann
More of a gimmick

The scissors are not really useful. Sure, they suffice to cut paper and thin foil, but nothing serious like cable ties. This is in contrast to the ability of the scissors integrated in my Victorinox swiss army knife. Definitely prefer the folding knife over the scissors. To make this product useful, it would need to improve in at least one of the following aspects:

1. Sharpness. The blades are reasonably sharp, but, given the compact nature of these scissors, more is needed.

2. Leverage. The small size makes this difficult, but better leverage, perhaps by also curving the blades, would improve cutting ability.

3. Grip surface. The "grip" section of the scissors is very narrow to facilitate folding in such a small size. This makes pressing them quite uncomfortable, thereby limiting the force one can reasonably exert. Changing the design to allow for a wider pressure surface for the thumb would be an immense benefit.

Great little knife to carry on it’s own!

Much better than typical keychain knives. Solid spring and sharp. Also works well as a standalone carry - does not have to be on keychain.

Very impressed. Great for sewing kits or edc.