Expansion pack

Expand KeySmart to hold more keys and accessories
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Expand your KeySmart to hold more keys and accessories.

You do not need to put spacers between each key, the spacers are provided to be used as fillers if you don't have enough keys.

Pack size includes: 6x expansion screws, 2x 5mm length screws and 8x spacers

2-34 pack includes: 10x expansion screws, 2x 5mm length screws and 8x spacers


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Customer Reviews

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Charles Trickey
KeySmart keychain plus expansion pact

I returned everything that I purchased from you in order to get my money back. You received my purchased materials back but I have been waiting now 25 days for my money back, and you still have not returned my money to me. Why have you not returned my money to me after you received my purchased items back?

Hello Charles,
We are sorry to hear that you have returned your order. Our records show that we have not received the return tracking number by email. Please see our Return Policy here: https://www.getkeysmart.com/pages/return-policy
Kindly check your email inbox so we can track the return and help you with the refund.


It does exactly what it is supposed to, nothing too special.

Paul Nichols
Expansion pack

The expansion pack is great as i had 8 keys and i think i could fit a couple more. Regards Paul 👍

Hello Paul,
Thank you for your support and satisfaction with our products!
In case you have any concerns about your order, please let us know by email so we can address it.

Abdulmajeed abdulaziz

Expansion pack

Serge Pilet

This pack is very good