USB Input: 

HEPA Filter: H13 HEPA

UVC LED: 2 pcs

LED Life: 10,000h

UV Wavelength: 260 - 280nm

Aromatherapy: Sponge

Size: 5in x 5in x 5.98in 

Material: ABS+PC

Weight: 450g (.99 lbs)


How many square feet does the air purifier sanitize? 

Up to 105 sq ft.

How many volume settings are there?

There are 5 volume settings: 50dB (Low), 60dB (Low-Med), 70dB (Med), 80dB (Med-High), and 90dB (High)

What are the dimensions?

5in x 5in x 5.98in 

What's included?

CleanLight Snooze, Power Cord & Wall Adapter

Can you turn the display panel off?

Yes, it automatically turns off after 30 seconds

Where can I buy replacement filters?

Buy replacement filters at www.GetKeySmart.com/snoozefilter 

How often should I replace the filter?

Every three months is recommend for maximum performance

Where can I find the instruction manual?

You can find the instruction manual here

How does the UV light work to kill germs? 

UV light at wavelengths of 260-280nm are proven to destroy the molecular  structure of bacteria's DNA and RNA.