KeySmart Mini Assembly Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a KeySmart Mini or KeySmart Mini Leather! On this page we'll show you how to add your keys. We'll also cover some tips to help you get the best experience with your new KeySmart Mini.

How To Assemble Your KeySmart Mini or KeySmart Mini Leather

  1. Remove the top screw from the KeySmart Mini.
  2. Stack your keys on the post inside of the KeySmart Mini.
  3. If you have less than 3 keys, add the included washers until you've reached the top of the post to keep your keys held tightly when not in use.
    If you have more than 3 keys, you can stack them above the height of the post. The KeySmart Mini is designed to hold up to 5 keys.
  4. Slide the top screw through the opening and tighten firmly to secure your keys. The more you tighten the screw, the harder it will be to flip out your keys.