KeySmart Pro with Tile™ Smart Location

The World’s Smartest Key Holder
Compact Key Organizer + Location Tracker Buy now

Never lose your keys again

The KeySmart Pro Tile™ Smart Location is the ultimate key organizer that gives you:

  • A better way to organize and carry your keys
  • Peace of mind knowing that your keys are never lost

KeySmart Pro Make Your Keys...

Comfortable to Carry
Never Lost!

No More Noisy, Poking Keys!

Transform Your Bulky Keys From This... To THIS
Holds up to 10 keys!

How Can I Find My Keys?

1. Locate your missing keys on a map - in the free Tile™ App
2. Make your keys ring so you can find them faster
Press the Tile™ button on the KeySmart Pro to make your missing phone ring - even on silence!

The KeySmart Pro Also Includes:

Ultra Bright LED Light

Bottle Opener

Rechargeable Micro-USB Cable Included

Get Your Hands on the World’s Smartest Key Holder

KeySmart Extended Red $19.99

Smaller than a Pack of Gum

(includes loop piece to attach car keys)

1 KeySmart Pro

Never lose your keys again
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2 KeySmart Pros

Give one to a friend and save more. Win win!
Save: $24.99
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3 KeySmart Pros

The family pack
Save: $47.22
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16GB USB 3.0
Accessories - +USB
Bottle opener
Accessories - Bottle Opener
Nano Torch
Nano Torch
Pocket Clip
Pocket Clip
Quick Disconnect
Quick Disconnect
Tile™ Location Tracker
Tile™ Location Tracker

Extended frame for longer and foreign keys.

Includes loop ring to attach car keys.

Made with aircraft aluminum, stainless steel hardware, and has a laser engraved logo.

USB takes up 2 slots.  Loop piece takes up one slot.

Protected under Patent D705,533, D754,428, D756,629, D756,630 & other Domestic and International Patents Pending

+ Features
- Unique 'S' design allows you to hold between 2- 100 keys (with expansion packs)
- Compact size is smaller than a pack of gum
- Universal, will fit almost any key found at your local hardware
- Ultra strong and can withstand anything your life throws at it.
- Eliminates any key jingle
- Hides the jagged teeth while exposing the smooth back of the keys for easy access
+ Materials
- Aircraft Aluminum
- Stainless Steel Hardware
- Laser Engraved logo
- Polished loop for car fobs
+ FAQs
Q: Will my keys fit?
A: KeySmart fits all flat keys up to 80mm in length.

Q: Does the loop piece take up space in the KeySmart?
A: Yes, the loop piece counts as 1 key in the assembly.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: We sure do. We have successfully shipped to over 122 countries!

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