Screwdriver Out of Stock

Smaller than a Pack of Gum

(includes loop piece to attach car keys)


Have you ever seen a loose screw but couldn't tighten it because you didn't have a screwdriver? 

That will never be a problem again if you get this ultra portable screwdriver that fits on your KeySmart.

You will be able to tighten loose screws wherever you see them rather than putting them on a to-do list.



+ Features
- Bigger and bolder than the original KeySmart
- Thicker plates withstand anything life throws at it
- Easy to assemble, no tools required
- Compatible with a variety of useful accessories
+ Materials
- 2.8 mm thick aircraft aluminum frames
- Stainless Steel Hardware
- Laser Engraved logo
- Polished bottle opener with a loop for car fobs
+ FAQs
Q: Will my keys fit?
A: KeySmart fits all flat keys up to 80mm in length.

Q: Does the loop piece take up space in the KeySmart?
A: Yes, the loop piece counts as 1 key in the assembly.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: We sure do. We have successfully shipped to over 122 countries!

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