Backpack  Urban Union 21 - Professional Bundle
Backpack  Urban Union 21 - Professional Bundle

Backpack Urban Union 21 - Professional Bundle

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Introducing the Urban Union 21 Commuter Backpack

COMFORTABLE TO CARRY - Enjoy a painless, sweat-free commute to and from the office
PROTECTIVE & WATER RESISTANT - Keeps your things safe and dry in your own portable arsenal
PROFESSIONAL - Looks sharp on the train and in the conference room
ORGANIZED - Makes organization easy, it's like a puzzle we already solved for you

Customer Reviews

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Quang T.
Good pack but....

I like the features of pack but I find it a little small. Couldn't carry all of my tech gears for work trips.

Davis D.
A must have for a commuter!

You can’t fit a ton of stuff in the backpack, but if you only need the essentials, it’s perfect! I take it to work every day, and all the pockets are super helpful for all my devices. The organizer was also a nice touch because I can keep a few pens and pencils easily accessible.

Brandon T.
Urban 21

Almost everything is perfect, just 2 annoying things. You always have to pull the cover over the zipper on the top. Probably just by design for keeping it water resistant. Second issue is the bottom constantly folding in. If I put literature in my bag or basically anything I have to reach my hand down there first to push out the bottom. I don’t know if this is a flaw in just my bag because of the way mine may have been made or if it is like this in all urban 21 bags. But It’s pretty annoying, it also makes my bag fall over super easy when I set it on the ground because of the way the bottom keeps wanting to roll it. Basically, if this wasn’t an issue I would be easy 5 stars.

Norman D.
Great commuter backpack that doubles as a hiking backpack

Awesome experience. Very thorough processing. All looking very nice and with a lot of special features. Like the hard cover shell which is awesome for sunglasses or stowing a wallet or passport.

With the additional pocket organizer, that fits nicely in the main compartment with the velcro lock at the top and two triangle shaped mountings at the bottom, it was very easy to organize all my cables and adaptors (hello usb, usb-c, lightning ...) and even more space to stow a small tablet (around 7") or papers, letters and so on.

Overall I would totally recommend this backpack to anyone travelling with a laptop and cables all the time.
Like I said in the title it can also be used as a backpack for hiking for like half a day trips. Here comes a small problem, that because of the slim design, you won't be able to fit that much in the backpack.
You can easily fit a water blatter in the laptop compartment and lock it with the clip in there. Only drawback: Since the back(plate) is not stiff, the blatter with create a bulb in your back, which might be a bit uncomfortable. But since it is not marketed as a hiking backpack, I still give it 5 stars. :-)

Steve L.
Excellent product

Excellent backpack. Sturdy, compact and sits well when on the bike. For me it's a travelling office with laptop, bt keyboard, iPad, headphones, and lots of connectivity stuff. It all fits and seems to be half the size of my old one.