Protected under Patent D705,533, D754,428, D756,629, D756,630 & other Domestic and International Patents Pending

KEYSMART PATENT INFORMATION (See below for Trademark Information)

KeySmart is proud that its products have been awarded various patents in the United States and other countries. The America Invents Act and similar laws in other jurisdictions now allow products to be marked virtually with patent information (with a website address that provides relevant patent information) rather than directly on the product and/or packaging. KeySmart has chosen to label products and packaging with the following information for this purpose: ""

All KeySmart products with one or both of those markings is listed below with relevant patent information. This website is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act. The following list of products is not all inclusive, and other KeySmart products not listed here are protected by one or more patents listed directly on the product and/or packaging. As KeySmart updates more products with virtual marks, each will be added to the list below.

KeySmart Extended

KeySmart Rugged

KeySmart Lite